September 23, 2023


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LinkedIn and online applications alone do NOT work anymore.

Last week, Haider Malik, 24, got multiple job offers (and tons of publicity) after

At 6:30, he showed up at the exit from a busy subway/metro station right in the heart of London’s financial center.

He had a stack of his printed resumes and a flipchart with a QR code to his LinkedIn profile.

He smiled and handed out copies of his resume to the busy financiers who were rushing to their office, while hundreds of others scanned his QR code.

By 9 am he got several job interview invitations.

By 3 pm he’s gone through the first interview at several companies

By 9 pm, he was in the news at most channels (it helped that many news agencies are also located near the subway/metro station where he was standing)

The next day, he got dozens more invites for job interviews from companies where he applied months ago and received no reply until his appearance in the evening news

By the end of the next day, he signed a contract with Canary Wharf Group.

Vasyl Taras

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