October 3, 2023


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Novoye Vryemya was founded in 2014 as a Liberal Russian language only magazine. A while ago, as it was required by the Ukraine’s state language law, Novoye Vryemya announced switching to Ukrainian language. In reality, there was no switching. The Ukrainian language version was just added as an option, and Russian has been kept as the major magazine’s language along with its Russian title now hidden in abbreviation NV. Isn’t it funny?

Now Vitalii Sych, Novoye Vryemya editor-in-chief, announced that his holding is launching an English-language version in addition to Ukrainian- and Russian-language versions. The project will be headed by Brian Bonner, a native speaker, a former Kyiv Post editor and veteran who never managed to learn Ukrainian language.

V. Sych reminds us that from 1997 to 2003 he worked in the Kyiv Post as business researcher, reporter and then Nation and Business editor, and freelanced for the The Economist Group publication covering Ukraine. Then Mr Sych ‘learnt to type in Russian’ and joined Korrespondent as chief editor (Korrespondent, by the way, used to have an Ukrainian language version that was abandoned and Ukrainocentric journalists fired).

NV (Novoye Vryemya) founded by Vitalii Sych after leaving Korrespondent is a mixture of Liberalism and… ‘Russian world’, and it looks like Mr Sych is proud of this.

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