June 7, 2023


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A Ukrainian Canadian professor view that many can see as a pro-Russian

In my live CTV News interview last evening, I said that the current migrant crisis on the Belarus-Poland border is important because it involves EU member Poland and Belarus, which is allied with Russia, and it is near Ukraine, which has an armed conflict. The UN Security Council meeting concerning this crisis is likely to produce a divide between Russia and the Western countries, such as the US, the UK, and France. The statement by the Polish prime minister that this is terrorism is incorrect and is aimed in boosting popular support in Poland since the current crisis does not meet a common definition of terrorism. EU sanctions won’t resolve the crisis, because such sanctions were proven to be ineffective after the last presidential elections in Belarus and after the diversion of the passenger plane by Belarus.

CTV invited me for another live interview on another program on Friday on this topic. It is extremely rare that Belarus becomes such hot news topic on the main TV networks in Canada.

Ivan Katchanovski

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