November 29, 2023


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Boryslav Bereza, a People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the previous convocation, reports on his social media page that the President of Ukraine Office is seriously considering declaring default.

Ex-MP emphasizes that this information was confirmed by a few unrelated sources. “At the meetings, Zelenskyy was mainly interested in what the negative consequences might be and whether the default would affect him personally. He was explained in points, but everything he heard did not cause him anxiety”, B. Bereza wrote.

Zelenskyy was told that the announcement of default would not release Ukraine from debt. “The debt will not disappear. The default indicates that we are unable to pay, but still have to negotiate with creditors to defer or partially write off the debt. It was explained to him that the refusal to pay the debts would completely eliminate the possibility of any external lending”.

Mr. Bereza said that the president was told how the hryvnia could collapse, how Ukraine could find itself in international isolation and lose the opportunity to receive any assistance that is sorely needed in a crisis and war.

“Of course, default will definitely not have positive consequences for the economy. After all, the possibility of new loans will be closed not only for the public but also for the private sector”.

B. Bereza writes that in response to the explanations of experts, Zelenskyy allegedly stated that he did not see anything terrible in the default. The point is that Zelenskyy sees default as an opportunity for himself and his surroundings, and everything else does not bother him.

The former People’s Deputy writes:

“… If this madman from absolute power is not brought to consciousness, then Ukraine will face a test that it may not pass. And without losses it will not pass precisely”. In this regard, B. Bereza is inclined to believe that realizing his helplessness and impossibility to solve all problems in a civilized manner, Zelenskyy and his team will first default, and then through hopelessness will come into contact with the Kremlin, driving Ukraine into a period of instability, a series of crises and mass protests.

“But Zelenskyy is too primitive, too inexperienced and too self-confident to understand the full extent of the danger. He still thinks he can outwit and deceive everyone. And you and I will pay for his nonsense. All of us, without exception”, — the ex-deputy concludes.

Boryslav Bereza

UWIN’s Comments:

It is not surprising that the current president of Ukraine is discussing the possibility of default. This was to be expected in 2019, when Ukraine was experiencing the fever of the next presidential election. Insightful experts warned about the PROSPECTS OF “NULLING” AND “REHABILITATION”, and also explained the nature of his “SERVANT OF THE PEOPLE” PARTY AS A PHENOMENON.

After all, the presidency of V. Zelenskyy is a logical consequence of the activity of all previous presidents of Ukraine, thirty years of experience of Ukrainian state formation. Unfortunately, no one in Ukraine wants even to think about serious SYSTEMIC CHANGES AS THE ONLY PROSPECT FOR UKRAINE (see: Systemic changes — a perspective for Ukraine: Collection of articles and notes. – Washington, 2020. – 393 p.).

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