October 3, 2023


Українська світова інформаційна мережа | Ukrainian Worldwide Information Network


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Ukrainian University Club site shared Professor Serhiy Kvit’s article THE BATTLE FOR HISTORY & BUILDING OF IDENTITY: Fake News confronts Professional News published yesterday by “StopFake.org”.

We hope that this article will be an occasion for a broad discussion not only and not so much of the problem of Russian fakes, but also of the state of Ukrainian science and education, which for thirty years have not been able to get out of the Soviet coordinate system and actually and have done nothing and are not doing anything to raise the level of national consciousness and civic maturity of Ukrainian society, to prepare and implement systemic changes in Ukraine.

We also hope that this article will be noticed and read not only in Ukrainian diaspora, but above all by broad academic circles outside Ukraine, which are consciously or unconsciously involved in the global spread of Russian historical fakes.

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