December 7, 2023


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Queen Elizabeth II got into a scandal over a letter with the “Russian” Crimea

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Now we have a precedent: Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom Queen (and the official UK Head of State), wrote a letter to someone in Crimea named Miss E Zaleshchuk…

There is nothing wrong with this. What’s wrong and very disappointing is the recipient’s mailing address:

“18 Tokareva Street, Sevastopol 299029, Russia”.

As you can see, there are two significant ‘mistakes’: Russian postal six digit index and the name of the country.

Meanwhile, Great Britain officially positions itself as the guarantor of Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity, constantly supports Ukraine in its resistance to Russian aggression, and recognizes Crimea as occupied by Russia.

Someone in the Royal Palace office deliberately or foolishly framed the Queen, and 95 years old Queen, certainly, wouldn’t pay attention at this and signed the letter.

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