September 27, 2023


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Why can’t Russia use nuclear weapons in Ukraine or rather what would it risk if it did?

First of all, Russia would risk its security, because any use of nuclear weapons, even those with a limited effect, would sooner or later cause consequences in Russia itself. However, at least two more important reasons should be added.

The first is the immediate reaction of the West with unforeseeable and unknown consequences at the moment.

The second reason is much more deadly for Russia. We do not know and cannot claim with absolute certainty that Ukraine returned all nuclear weapons after 1991.

Likewise, Ukraine has large amounts of nuclear waste on its territory, as well as a large number of nuclear scientists who can relatively quickly and relatively easily build a “dirty” nuclear bomb.

At this moment, we cannot say with certainty that the Ukrainians have not long ago brought vehicles full of nuclear waste with large quantities of conventional explosives into Moscow’s underground dungeons or secret locations. The detonation of such explosions would cause a huge presence of radioactive particles in the air with incalculable consequences for people’s lives.

Likewise, if you recall, the USSR had a certain number of briefcase atomic bombs that were distributed in embassies throughout the West. How many such satchel atomic bombs ended up in Ukraine, we don’t know.

What we know for sure is the possibility that Ukraine can and will make such bombs at any moment. Putin also knows this, because if he wanted to press the “red” button, he would first have to look at Russian children playing around Moscow and then possibly press the button for destruction. Everyone knows that, even those in Russia around Putin.

That’s why Putin is bluffing and, desperate for losing the war in Ukraine, he is resorting to extreme use of force, which increasingly exposes Putin as a war criminal. And not only him, but also his environment, which is becoming aware of that fact day by day.

There is less and less possibility for the Russian Federation under Putin to get out of this conflict with honor. Europe will certainly survive and not freeze this winter. The times are challenging no doubt. It remains to be seen whether Putin will survive politically this needless adventure. The consequences of which are tens of thousands of victims and millions of displaced people. His chances are getting less and less every day.

Darko Trufunovic

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