February 1, 2023


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“Countries including Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Finland and the Czech Republic have called for the EU to limit or block short-term Schengen visas for Russians, in protest at their country’s invasion of Ukraine.

After six months of war, the proposal echoes widespread frustration with a Russian public that seems either unable or unwilling to mount a meaningful resistance to the war being waged in their name. The situation has been aggravated by high-profile incidents including a Russian woman harassing two Ukrainian refugees in Europe”. (The Guardian 14/08/2022).

It is obscene seeing Russians celebrating their marauder nation in these times of their regime’s war crimes. It comes across as a triumphalism of the monstrosity their government is achieving in the illegal war that is butchering innocent Ukrainians for no apparent cause.

However we also need to reconcile Russian conscription with free Russian men travelling Europe and elsewhere. The Russian government has commenced additional conscription among non Russian ethic populations from areas like Siberia and Caucasus populations, but white Muscovites and those from St Petersburg are still free to impose their menacing presence outside of Russia.

The many Siberians and other Caucasus conscripts who have lost their lives for Russia in the past months surely must have something to say about this. It is the ultimate insult to them. Perhaps this is a good thing that will sow the seeds of fury by these subjugated populations within “white racist fascist Russia” that will become the first revolt.

Secondly, there is the problem of Russian spies peddling their regimes bidding. Scouting, surveillance of just about anything or anyone, businessmen buying microchips – all fall under this purview, and most of these move freely in Europe on a regular basis especially during tourist seasons.

Europe is at war with Russia. These considerations are worth prioritising at an operational level, as much as the obvious emotive and moralistic reasons which without any doubt must define the civilised world order.

We don’t allow North Koreans to float around the world for lesser crimes against humanity. The same should apply to Russians until their population understands that their government has become an illegitimate war criminal terrorist regime. Russian revellers who flaunt support of their government in Europe and elsewhere in the world must have their visas’s cancelled, be deported and be listed as complicit to the regimes war crimes. These people should never be allowed back into Europe or else they must face charges of war crimes complicity.

Europe must commence documenting this as a priority as much as the total relinquishing of Russian fuels.

Mary Jardine-Clarke

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