December 7, 2023


Українська світова інформаційна мережа | Ukrainian Worldwide Information Network

MIT is showing an example that other Western universities and research centers should emulate.

Any Western educational initiatives or cooperation with Russian public or private institutions, universities, research centers etc. should end – until Russia stops its war and ends its occupation of all Ukrainian territories.

This is one small, but meaningful, step that Western scholars and university administrators can take in support of Ukraine.

If you are an administrator or a scholar who knows of a collaborative program with Russian universities please petition your leadership to terminate it or suspend it.

If you are donor that funds any collaborative projects with Russian educational institutions please stop your funding now.

If you are a researcher or a scholar engaged in collaborative initiatives with Russian educational institutions please withdraw from them now.

Any continued contacts with Russian institiutions supported by the Russian state are an implicit support for Russia’s criminal action against Ukraine and endorsement of Ukraine’s destruction. Ordinary Russian citizens need to understand that they own this war, even if they disagree with it. And they need to start paying immediate price for the actions of their leaders.

Serhiy Kudelia

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