February 4, 2023


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Benjamin Netanyahu, one of the country’s most successful prime ministers, returned to power in Israel. Congratulating B. Netanyahu on another appointment as Prime Minister, Volodymyr Ivanenko in his notes “BENJAMIN NETANYAHU’S COME BACK” asks the question: Will it be favorable for Ukrainian-Israeli relations?

The author of the notes writes about difficult, sometimes contradictory, and sometimes very irritating facts, events and phenomena both from the life of B. Netanyahu and in Ukrainian-Israeli relations.

The publication for the first time voices the roots of the Netanyahu family in Ukraine, its kinship with noble Ukrainian families, and expresses the hope that Ukrainian-Israeli relations will move into a qualitatively new phase, that Israel will really support Ukraine in its resistance to Russian aggression, and that Israel has finally recognized Moscow’s arrangement in Ukraine The Holodomor is a genocide of the Ukrainian people.

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