February 1, 2023


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Two weeks ago I passed the interviews and was offered a position at Apple. The recruiter mentioned that background checks can take some time, as they need to run 7 years of a criminal check, but assured me that it would not be a problem and that they wanted me to start ASAP. I informed my current employer and submitted 2 weeks’ notice.

Three days before starting the new role, I was informed that unfortunately, Apple couldn’t hire me because 2 years out of the last 7 I spent in Ukraine. And due to the war, background checks from Ukraine can’t be run. It didn’t help that I submitted a 7-year full background check from December 2021, nor my B1/B2 US tourist visa from May 2015, which couldn’t have been granted to me had I had any criminal charges at any time.

What I felt hearing this information…emptiness… as if what has been happening already starting February 24th is not enough.

On paper Apple is “deeply concerned about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and stand with all of the people who are suffering as a result of the violence”, but in reality they refused to provide exceptions to their policies considering that major circumstance – war in Ukraine.

And yes, I understand the consequences of this post for me personally, being blacklisted by Apple in the future, but what about humanity? Soon thousands of Ukrainian refugees in the US will get their work permits, and what will they hear when they apply for jobs? … Sorry, we can’t hire you because you are from Ukraine…

It hurts, hurts a lot, it is unfair!

I urge Apple and other Big Techs to review their policies and make exceptions for the Ukrainian people. We are already suffering a lot, losing our homes, memories, and loved ones…how come you are adding more to that?

Katia Trusova

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