November 29, 2023


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The Victory celebration on May 8 in Europe showed that a lot of European countries still support Nazism and Fascism in a new form of Racism. And it is scary.

Interestingly, the support of Racism is mainly in counties that have previously supported Hitler and Nazi Germany. Just to give you few examples.

In Berlin, German police took down Ukrainian flag on the day Ukraine is defending Europe from NaZi Russia. Add to that German’s indirect support of Russian fascism by buying Russian gas and oil, allowing Nazi parades, building ties between German and Russian politicians, reluctance to supply weapons to help Ukraine fight NaZi Russia. And the list can go on.

Similarly, in Madrid, Spanish national police knocked down and arrested a Ukrainian woman with a sign: “Russians, why are you killing us?” Meanwhile, they have allowed the Nazi Russia parades, displaying NaZi symbols and promoting genocide of Ukrainian people.

As for Hungary, nothing needs to be said. They are an embarrassment to EU. This is the main European country that still continues to block EU oil sanctions against Russia, as well as financial sanctions against Russian banks.

I don’t want to make a general conclusion from this. But history has a way of repeating itself. And, yes, it is scary that the same countries that have previously supported Hitler and Nazi Germany are now indirectly supporting Racism (a new form of Nazism).

Roman Sheremeta

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