February 4, 2023


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Yesterday, April 3, the Hajun Project published a 3-hour recording from an online camera of the CDEK delivery service in Mazyr (Belarus), through which soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces send, among others, things stolen from Ukrainian citizens.

Now the monitoring group of the Hajun Project has received an impressive set of personal data on criminals, who, according to the authors of the project, should be held responsible for stealing and killing people in Ukraine.

It is known that in one day, April 2, the soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces handed in for shipment to the office of the Russian CDEK express delivery service on Kuibysheva street, 32 in Mazyr (Belarus) more than 2 tons of things, a significant part of which is stolen.

The project published the names, phone numbers, and parcel contents of those soldiers who sent parcels of 50-450 kilograms to Russia. We publish this data unchanged.

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