June 6, 2023


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This was extraordinary! Yesterday on Russian primetime, Maria Ovsyannikova, a Russian producer for state owned Channel 1 TV, interrupted their prime time evening news broadcast jumping on the set with a large anti-war placard in both Russia and English. They shut the show down and hauled her off to an undisclosed location … has not been seen or heard from in the last 15 hours.

Channel 1 is sort of a combination of NBC, CBS and ABC and reaches many millions of generally more senior and conservative Russians who do not dwell on internet and therefore most susceptible to the daily barrage and drone of state disinformation about the war and world at large. Many are staunch regime and Putin supporters – its what they see and know. This had to quite a surprise for many … and another chink in the implacable but eroding regime information firewall. In Russia, over the years I’ve interviewed a couple of times on Channel 1, always a careful space!

Brigadier General Peter B. Zwack

No, I do not believe Marina Ovsyannikova.

I also don’t believe Navalny, or any other Russian “liberal” white supremacists who’ve been extremely busy advocating for war in Ukraine, Syria, Georgia and Chechnya for the past decades, and are now “changing their mind”.

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How the story developed…

Russian TV Video

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