June 9, 2023


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Russia has invaded Ukraine with its entire military machinery. Civilized world, it is the beginning of the World War III. Our world witnessed the similar situation back in 1939, when little was done to prevent the bloodiest war ever.

Ukraine understands this fear is in many capitals after Putin has threatened the West with nuclear strikes. However, Chornobyl nuclear power station area is already controlled by Russians and there is no more international control over the shelter and destroyed NPP unit. We already observe growing level of radiation, because they move heavy armour over the restricted area. An accident, caused by Russians in Chornobyl area, can happen any minute.

This night Russians shelled the radioactive waste disposal site of the Kyiv branch of the Radon Association, which is a state-owned company that stores radioactive materials. Though, the hit didnt cause the depressurization of container and radiation leak, the risk remains extremely high. In fact, its the act of nuclear terrorism.

Many district heating systems are under attack of Russians, the gas pipeline distributional system in Kharkiv was heavily damaged today. Missile strike targeted the fuel reservoir park in Vasylkiv. This caused heavy fire and danger to environment and life.

On February 24, 2022 at 12 a.m. Ukraine was completely disconnected from the Russian and Belarussian power system. Since then, the Ukrainian power system has been operating in isolated mode.

Today we decided to continue our autonomous mode in order to limit our dependence from Russia. Ukraine will work with own power stations and balance the system with internal capacities. However, Russian military forces are approaching our power stations and launching missiles in order to damage and disbalance the entire system.

ENTSO-E has been working with Ukraine and our energy system for years and on technical level all the issues are well known and tested. We know that process of joining ENTSO-E is a political step and European decision makers should take it on the highest level.

Putin has definitely ordered to destroy critical infrastructure in Ukraine in order to force civilians to flee their homes. If he is able to do so with air missile strikes, Europe will face massive migration flow and crisis. It will be followed very soon

by invasions in neighbouring countries, so Europe and West will be forced to fight anyway. Do it earlier, before the war comes to your homes.

We call for your support and understanding right know. Please issue this political statement and let your transmission system operators to start the work on further synchronization.

Ukraine calls for actions, please close the sky over Ukraine as soon as possible. Please, start it with political statements and proceed with technical preparations.

Serhiy Kvit

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