June 6, 2023


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President Putin said that the US is using Ukraine for its own interests and as a tool to hinder the development of Russia. According to President Putin, the USA wants to implement this by possible dragging Russia into some kind of armed conflict and forcing allies in Europe to subsequently impose harsh sanctions against Russia, which the US is already discussing. The President of Russia basically said that Russia is counting that the US can in some way provoke the situation in Ukraine in such a way that Russia is forced to intervene, for example, in order to protect the Russian population.

In this context, it must be added that in case the United States provokes an armed conflict in Ukraine, the allies in Europe will react not only with sanctions, but also with participation in such a conflict due to the bilateral “defense” agreements that the USA has written off with a lot of European states (and soon Slovakia). NATO officially will not be able to intervene in the conflict because Ukraine is not a member of the alliance. However, the United States can potentially drag other states into conflict based on bilateral agreements, at least by having assault weapon systems and military bases deployed on their territory.

President Putin also presented another alternative to escalation of tensions in Ukraine, in such a way that in the future Ukraine would be introduced to NATO, which would install nuclear weapons systems there and stimulate some banders to solve the issue near Donbas or Crimea by armed means, while thus they would drag Russia into an armed conflict, he said A little. The President also expressed his opinion that by creating threats for Russia, they are created by the leadership of Ukraine for themselves, and V. Putin Kyiv has already warned against such behavior.

“Imagine that Ukraine is a member of NATO, it is pre-pointed with weapons, it has modern strike systems like in Poland and Romania, and begins an operation in Crimea, now I am not even talking about Donbas,” Putin continued, “Imagine Ukraine is a NATO country and it begins these are the military operations. Should we go to war with the NATO bloc? Has anyone ever thought about this? It seems not,” Putin said. He further added that the Crimea issue is closed for Russia.

The Russian president will respond margo to the Russian requirements for security guarantees, from the US, which were delivered to Russia on 26th. in January he said that they were carefully analyzing them, but it is already clear that Russia does not see adequate consideration of three key requirements regarding stopping NATO expansion, not displacing assault weapons with the US response systems near the Russian borders and the return of the military infrastructure of the bloc in Europe to the state of 1997, when was the Founding Act on mutual relations and security between Russia and NATO signed. Despite repeated promises that NATO will not expand to the east, we see where NATO is today, Putin again reminded.

As the other survey showed, most Slovaks claim that the US and NATO are responsible for the tension on the Russian-Ukrainian border. It is another manifestation of our cooperation with the Slavic nations, but also proof that despite the long-term propaganda by the pro-western media and pro-western-oriented politicians, the Slovak nation can relevant assess what it is craftsmanship.

Monika Sofiya Soročinová

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