September 26, 2023


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Bohdan Nahaylo announced on his LinkedIn page that he is starting a new position as Acting Chief Editor at Kyiv Post. On his Facebook profile Mr. Nahaylo updated his cover photo with Kyiv Post logo.

Kyiv Post Facebook page shared the following information quoting Adnan Kivan – Publisher of Kyiv Post and President of Kadorr Group:

Bohdan Nahaylo Named as Acting Chief Editor of Kyiv Post.
“After meeting with Bohdan, it became clear to me that he is a distinguished person of principle ready to defend Ukraine’s interests and its democracy by ensuring independence, pluralism, and fairness in Kyiv Post’s coverage and mission. I have full confidence that he is the right choice to lead our team of journalists during these challenging times”.

This a good sign. Bohdan Nahaylo is well known professional with Ukrainian roots and strong Ukrainocentric views to compare with his predecessor Brian Bonner, a weaker journalist who, after a years and years in Ukraine, never learned Ukrainian language and for whom Ukraine is only a place where he tries to achieve what he could not achieve in his homeland in the United States.

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