December 7, 2023


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Russia’s meddling hand in the Bosnia Herzegovina Republika Srpska secession crisis, and the migrant crush at the Belarus-Poland border worries me for many reasons. Moscow helping fan the flames of all out military conflict in the Balkans and on the EU’s border will create absolute chaos in Europe.

What is happening in the Balkans and the Poland-Belarus border are problematic in their own right, of course. But the potential implications for Ukraine are huge.

While Brussels, Berlin and Paris are all completely distracted, I can imagine the Kremlin taking the opportunity to massively escalate its war against Ukraine. Its massive atypical military buildup at Ukraine’s borders suggests Moscow is preparing to strike in the coming months.

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine barely sees any meaningful action to repress Moscow. No one will even stop to think about Ukraine – or the critical importance of its sovereignty – if new conflicts are exploding in Europe.

Ariana Gic

Read more on division and even armed conflict as a growing possibility in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Not for the first time, Russia is heavily implicated.

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